A Guide To Cleaning Your Dumbwaiter

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Routine cleaning isn’t just a good idea, it’s crucial in keeping your commercial dumbwaiter lift in optimal condition. Regular sprucing up helps dodge operational hiccups and ensures you steer clear of costly repairs down the line. Let’s not forget, a clean dumbwaiter is a must, especially in hygiene-critical settings like busy restaurant kitchens, catering environments and hotels. So, how about some practical tips on keeping your frequently-used dumbwaiter sparkling clean and ready for service?

High-Powered Steam Cleaning Device

High-powered steam cleaning devices make for a thorough cleaning of your dumbwaiter cabin and the lift pit. Kick things off by removing loose items from the cabin and ensuring the lift pit doors are open. Then it’s steam time. Deploy your steam cleaning device to give a high-pressure, hot clean to all surfaces, not forgetting the lift pit – a hotspot for dirt and debris!

Clean Surfaces with a Damp Cloth

Once you’ve given the entire cabin a good steam clean, go over all surfaces with a damp cloth to finish. Wiping down surfaces in your dumbwaiter cabin with a damp cloth is a simple but effective way to remove surface dirt or grime. This step is a must before you start disinfecting with cleaning products. Grab a disposable cloth, ensure it’s damp but not dripping, and wipe over all the surfaces inside the cabin. Remember to pay extra attention to high-contact areas like button panels and door handles

Emptying and Cleaning the Lift Pit Area

One area that often gets overlooked when cleaning a dumbwaiter is the lift pit. It’s not uncommon to find lost menus, stray cutlery, and even old food lurking down there. These deposits not only lead to unpleasant odours but can also cause potential operational issues if not addressed promptly.

Before you commence cleaning, it’s crucial to empty the lift pit area. Be prepared, you never know what you might find! Use gloves for this task as some items may be sharp or soiled. Once the pit is empty, use a hand vacuum or a long brush to remove any remaining debris.

If you encounter stubborn dirt or grime, a high-powered steam cleaning device can be quite effective. Apply the steam cleaner to the lift pit area, making sure to reach all corners.

Once you’ve steam cleaned the lift pit, use a damp cloth to wipe down the area and remove any residual moisture. This additional step in your cleaning routine can greatly improve the cleanliness and hygiene of your dumbwaiter while ensuring its dependable performance.

By adding this process to your cleaning routine, your dumbwaiter will be sparkling clean from top to bottom – or in this case, from top to pit! This can significantly enhance its operational performance, extend its lifespan, and most importantly, maintain a hygienic environment for your operations.

Regular Cleaning with Specialised Products

Regular, effective cleaning with specialised products takes your dumbwaiter hygiene to a whole new level. It’s important to stick with non-corrosive cleaners to safeguard cabin surfaces, prevent any nasty odours, and provide a solid defence against bacteria and pathogens. Alongside warm soapy water, you’ve got a whole arsenal of specialised cleaning products at your disposal. Whether it’s mild disinfectants, antibacterial cleaning products, powerful glass cleaners, stainless-steel cleaners, or multi-surface cleaners, these products can help obliterate stubborn stains, fingerprints, and dirt, restoring your dumbwaiter cabin to its former glory.

A clean and well-maintained dumbwaiter not only operates better but also adds value to your establishment and can prevent costlier repairs. With these easy steps, you’ll keep your dumbwaiter in peak condition, ready to serve for many years.

No one wants a dirty dumbwaiter, so a daily wipe-down is recommended, especially in high-usage settings like restaurants. A deep clean with a steam cleaner can be done monthly or as required, depending on the frequency of usage.

It’s best to use non-corrosive cleaners that are gentle on your dumbwaiter’s surfaces. Harsh chemicals could cause damage or lead to premature wear.

Yes, routine cleaning like wiping down surfaces can be done by anyone. However, deep cleaning using a steam cleaner should ideally be done by a professional or someone who understands how to safely operate such equipment. Our lift cleaning team can help with this – get in touch to find out more.

Always ensure the dumbwaiter is not in operation while cleaning. If you are using a steam cleaner, be aware of the risk of burns and ensure you are properly protected.


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