Husbands Lifts to Exhibit at LIFTEX 2025

Husbands Lifts are excited to announce that we’ll be showcasing our latest innovation in dumbwaiters at LIFTEX 2025. As we gear up for this event, we wanted to give you a glimpse into what we’ve been working on and why we’re so eager to unveil it.

Let’s talk about dumbwaiter lifts. These compact yet powerful devices might not always steal the spotlight, but they play a crucial role in streamlining operations and enhancing efficiency in various settings. Whether you’re in a bustling restaurant, a busy office, or a residential building, dumbwaiter lifts make it easy to transport goods between floors, saving time and effort.

At Husbands Lifts, innovation is ingrained in our DNA. We’re passionate about pushing the boundaries of vertical transportation, and our latest dumbwaiter lift is a testament to that commitment. Crafted with precision and attention to detail, this new addition to our lineup is designed to elevate your efficiency like never before.

So, what sets our latest dumbwaiter lift apart? Let’s start with the technology. Equipped with advanced control systems, its operation is seamless and intuitive. You’ll have full control at your fingertips, making the transportation of goods a breeze.

Space is always at a premium, which is why we’ve ensured that our dumbwaiter lift is as compact as possible. With a small footprint and customisable design options, it seamlessly integrates into any space without compromising on functionality.

Sustainability is also a key focus for us. We’ve incorporated energy-efficient components and smart technologies to minimise environmental impact, because taking care of the planet is just as important as meeting your needs.

Of course, safety is paramount. Our new dumbwaiter lift comes equipped with a range of safety features to ensure smooth and secure operation at all times, giving you peace of mind.

We’re thrilled to share our latest innovation with you at LIFTEX 2025. Be sure to visit our booth to see our dumbwaiter lift in action and learn more about how it can enhance efficiency in your building. We look forward to seeing you there!

About LIFTEX 2025

LIFTEX 2025 is set to be an essential event for professionals in the lift, escalator, manufacturing, and specification industries. Scheduled for June 11-12, 2025, at ExCeL London, this exhibition is the only one of its kind dedicated to these sectors within the UK. Organised by the Lift and Escalator Industry Association (LEIA), in partnership with an international network of authoritative trade advisory bodies, LIFTEX 2025 marks a significant gathering for the industry. The event is exclusive, occurring once every three years, and is now entering its 37th year, highlighting its long-standing importance and success in the field.

LIFTEX 2025 targets a wide audience, including installers, specifiers, designers, and building managers, offering a unique opportunity to explore the latest products, services, and innovations. Over 100 exhibitors are expected to participate, showcasing advancements and developments in lift and escalator technologies. The event also features a free seminar program, providing professional insights on contemporary topics such as the Buildings Safety Act, evacuation, and standards, delivered by leading experts in the field. This combination of exhibition and educational sessions makes LIFTEX 2025 a pivotal platform for networking, learning, and discovering the evolving landscape of the lift and escalator industry.

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