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At Husbands Lifts, we are a collective of engineering and design experts with a passion for crafting world-class dumbwaiters and food lifts.

Pioneering in the industry for numerous decades, our expertise shines in creating lifting solutions that seamlessly integrate functionality and aesthetics.

From bustling commercial kitchens to private residences, our dumbwaiters and food lifts revolutionise how items are transported, ensuring efficiency meets elegance.

With every project, we aspire to elevate both spaces and experiences.

Husbands manages to connect cutting-edge technology and manufacturing tradition, and let Husbands Lifts redefine your vertical transport solutions.

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Trusted Dumbwaiter Suppliers

We know how to deliver a great lift

Every Dumbwaiter made over our long and illustrious history has been made with high quality materials with a design that will last for decades. We have been trusted suppliers to top government buildings, banks, high end restaurants as well as famous libraries and museums. Husbands are the most trusted Dumbwaiter Suppliers in the UK. 


Steered by the dynamic leadership of Scott Haywood and Lukas Schlenker, Husbands Lifts is ushering in a new era of innovation in the dumbwaiter industry.

With their combined vision and expertise, they’ve reimagined the realm of dumb waiters, introducing groundbreaking products that stand testament to our commitment to excellence.

But it doesn’t stop there; under their guidance, we’ve expanded our family, welcoming a host of expert engineers specialising in dumbwaiter installation.

Together, as a cohesive unit, we are not just enhancing spaces but redefining vertical transportation, setting new benchmarks for the industry. Join us on this exciting journey, where tradition meets transformation, all under the trusted name of Husbands Lifts.

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